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Missionary Passing Through: Updates from the road

Road trip day 1 is in the books. I had a great time meeting with Immanuel in Twin Falls. I am so blessed to be able to share the work of the mission team in Lima with the people in my home state. Presenting at their LWML Quarterly meeting was an honor! 

I drove on to Ogden for the evening, and was lucky enough to stay with a wonderful friend. A lovely dinner and time to catch up since the LWML convention few weeks ago. An opportunity to see my friends in their home, and their city. This trip is already amazing! 

You may be wondering how this "Missionary Passing Through -- A Road Trip came about. Well, when I started blocking out my calendar for the visits and meetings that I had for the rest of the summer, it quickly became very clear that it would be most efficient to combine a few trips into one big trip. Only I didn't realize just how "BIG" that was going to end up. Yesterday I finally counted the days for the first time. twenty-six days. veintiseis dias. 26 DAYS. …

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